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How to Throw the Best Vegan Harvest Banquet

Are you ready to celebrate the fall with an amazing harvest banquet for your friends and family? It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving for you to celebrate the bounty of plant-based nutrition and flavors fall has to offer. It is, of course, the most unique of seasons, and eating seasonal foods it a perfect way to welcome autumn. You know those fall foods just don’t taste as good any other time of year.

If you are looking to celebrate the fall harvest with friends and loved ones, here are some must-haves for your menu.

1. A Harvest Tart as the Main Course

Every good meal needs a centerpiece that the meal is built around, and this tart will do the trick nicely. Use a ready-made vegan crust of your choice (there are some good gluten-free ones available, too, if you eat that way), and fill it up with roasted red and yellow peppers, onions, and pumpkin. You’ve got to have pumpkin at a fall harvest banquet, after all. Add some salt, capers, and olives, with a splash of lemon juice, and you’ve got a flavorful autumn tart that everyone at your banquet will rave about. You know they’re going to ask for seconds.

2. A Fall Salad

Served either with the tart, before it, or after, every good banquet needs a salad. Use your fall flavors and ingredients by roasting some dandelion greens as a base. Top them with roasted beets, butternut squash, onions, and carrots, and top with lightly salted, roasted pumpkin seeds. Dress with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic, and you’re got the perfect harvest salad for any gathering.

3. The Perfect Harvest Dessert

Apples might seem like the logical choice, and you can certainly use them. However, it might be nice to surprise your guests a little by opting for pears instead. Roasted pears topped with coconut milk cream will tempt your guests’ taste buds. Follow it up with a few squares of vegan dark chocolate, and your fall harvest banquet is sure to be fantastic.