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Great Vegan Meal ideas for this Summer!

The hot season is finally here! Whether you’re looking to have your body in shape, or you simply want to eat something more refreshing as the days get hotter. Sounds like you will certainly crave something new on your plate this summer! Thankfully, vegan meals can be rich and refreshing during summer, providing you the perfect balance nutrition. Continue reading to find out more about our delicious vegan meal ideas!

Go Seasonal.

One of the best ways to ensure a healthy, delicious and sustainable meal is to go seasonal. Try to get informed of what veggies to grow throughout the summer at your location. Make sure you have plenty of vegetables when harvesting and the demand are at an all-time high! You will appreciate the difference.

Try raw foods and lighter cooking techniques.

In the winter, there’s nothing more that screams comfort food like a nice vegan stew, or a rich creamy curry. However, these foods might be overkill during hot summer days. For this reason, many people prefer to switch to raw or lightly cooked meals. Big, lavish salads can be a good example. A salad doesn’t have to be boring! It can be packed with amazing flavors and great ingredients, bridging the gaps between nourishment and taste. From the rich creaminess of a perfectly ripe avocado, down to the crunchy texture of some amazing pumpkin seeds, anything goes!

In addition, lighter cooking techniques, such as blenching and stir-frying, are great for any summer vegan meal. Steaming is also a great cooking option for fresh summery meals. There are many ways you can go about when you want to freshen up your cooking!

Juices and smoothies.

Although they’re not exactly substantial meal ideas, a good juice or a rich vegan smoothie could serve as great options for breakfast meals or light lunches. Due to the hot weather, most of us don’t feel like eating too much. For this reason, we might miss out on many nutrients. However, a good smoothie is fresh, delicious and packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s the perfect meal substitution in order to achieve your optimal nutritional intake on a day-to-day basis. Whether you enjoy sweet seasonal fruit, or even savory smoothies with peas, carrots, herbs, and avocado, anything goes! These remarkable meals have the power to cleanse and purify your body, especially if you use naturally antiseptic ingredients such as ginger or lemon. Oh! Have we mentioned they also taste delicious?

No-Bake Desserts.

Vegan desserts can be delicious and fresh, especially no-bake treats! Energy balls with dates and cocoa nibs are a perfect example. These amazing desserts bring a fresh twist to any lunch idea, and they will also help you stay energized throughout the day.

Sandwiches and vegan burgers.

A good sandwich or vegan burger can be absolutely amazing for the summer. These meals are good on-the-go options, meaning that you can enjoy them outside when the weather is nice since you don’t really need cutlery or other utensils. In addition, they are also quite enjoyable because they feature so many different ingredients, giving you a complete meal, in a bite-sized format.

Looking for more treats and delicious ideas? Come visit us at “The Vegan Joint!” We’re always eager to fill your plate with something good, healthy and delicious! At our restaurant, we love to use vegan ingredients in creative ways, and bring you something that’s absolutely unique!