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Walleska B.

EVERYTHING tastes AMAZING! Thai vegan food is the bomb! We keep ordering take-out, and everything we've tried is superb! Fast service! Call in an order, and it's ready in 15 minutes.

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Garlic chicken sandwich was DEVINE! So happy to find another amazing vegan place in town (and I've tried many!). Definitely recommend The Vegan Joint.

Tim D.

Best meal ever! Vegan or otherwise. There are a lot of options on the menu, and they serve breakfast all day. All the staff is super friendly and take all COVID precautions...

Bond H.

The variability we experienced for a while has not been an issue in recent years, and I regret not writing another review sooner. This is a go-to place for a good meal. The Fresh Spring Rills, Chow Mein, and yum Woon Sen are family favorites and excellent choices for to-go orders.

Aliyah A.

Delicious food and never fails to impress me. The staff is friendly, and I have been coming here for years, never disappointed. Some of my favorites are the chicken taco plate and the garlic fries. Sometimes it's hard to find good vegan food, and let me tell ya, this is IT!!!

Arline B.

I know I reviewed this long ago, but I thought it was worth an update. We started going to the West Los Angeles restaurant shortly after it first opened and met the owner. She was delightful. We hadn't gone for a while because we weren't eating out due to Family illness.

Charlotte C.

I came here with my sister since vegan places seem to be our go-to (lactose, you know?), and I gotta hand it to the vegan joint!!! I got a taco plate, and my accompaniment had the Pad Thai with Butterfly pea Tea and Thai Tea to wash it down. I hate that I live so far away cause I'd be back there tomorrow.

Trisha D.

I started a 30-day exercise challenge about 2 weeks ago, and while I'm not vegan (I eat a lot of fish and chicken), I want to make sure I'm doing my best with my diet, especially on this challenge. I am craving junk food, so I decided to hit up the vegan joint for the first time ever to see it was amazing!

Ms. A.

Very friendly and accommodating staff!! Normally they don't accept a phone order for dine-in, but they allowed me to dine-in, and one of the sweet staff even came out and followed me to a sun-exposed table where I was sitting and brought their umbrellas out and made sure I was covered.

Micky M.

With the bewildering embrace of the toxic sludge in the "beyond Burger' even by well-regarded longstanding Vegan and Vegetarian establishments. I can say with great joy that the Balck Bean Burger I enjoyed brought back wonderful memories of the homemade burger I made in my "Hippie Kitch."

Jessica K.

I had the spicy mint noodles and noodle soup, which were really good. Portions were pretty generous, and usually meat alternative dishes aren't the tastiest, but everything in the soup - spice level, bean sprouts, noddles, and there were plant-based strips that looked like slices of eggplant.

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