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Three Things Only Vegans Will Understand

Many times vegans end up feeling like they’re speaking an extremely obscure foreign language in a faraway land. When talking to anyone who doesn’t quite grasp the general concept of veganism—forget about understanding the day-to-day realities of eating a plant-based diet—they may end up wishing there was such a thing as a vegan translator.
Following are three of the many things that only vegans will understand.

1. Vegans Read the Approximate Word Count of War and Peace Almost Daily

Committed vegans who eat any foods that undergoes processing need to become equally committed readers when it comes to nutrition labels and ingredient lists. Animal products show up in foods in mysterious ways. For example, who on earth would have ever guessed that E542 is actually bone phosphate? Many vegans bypass the heavy grocery store research by eating as many whole and unprocessed foods as possible.

2. There Is No Entree without a Meat Centerpiece in Most Restaurants

Vegans quickly learn the art of “making do” when eating out at many restaurants. Plant-based eaters end up ordering a sad salad with some almonds or walnuts, if they’re really lucky. Otherwise, they can order a collection of side items. Thankfully, more and more vegan-friendly eateries are serving up dishes like BBQ pulled pork, using jack-fruit as the perfect pork substitution, and tofu moo shu wraps to satisfy the taste buds of vegans and omnivores alike.

3. Veganism Is a Lightning Rod for Heated Conversations

There may be no other dietary choice that pushes buttons faster or more intensely than veganism. Regardless of the reason for eating a plant-based diet, many vegans simply want to eat in peace without needing to defend their way of eating to those who want to offer advice, ask pointed questions or start arguments.

One antidote to the stress of constantly reading labels, fielding questions and struggling to find a single intentionally vegan entree on the menu is to visit a restaurant designed with you in mind. Visit The Vegan Joint at one of our three convenient and friendly Los Angeles locations to relax and spend some time with plenty of fellow vegans and plant-based food lovers who just get it.