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Top five most inspirational vegan activists

  • Sep 8, 2016

Vegetarians are people who have managed to refrain from eating red meat, fish and poultry for a year or more. A vegetarian diet can meet protein requirements in a very healthy way and provide all the amino acids the body requires. It can also give the body fats, minerals and vitamins to improve your health. This protects the body against diseases like heart attacks and diabetes. A vegetarian diet also promotes healthy body weight. In the vegan movement, activists have been known to use their fame and influence to promote the vegan way of life. They have done a great job using a variety of brilliant tactics to be persuasive. Below is a list of top five inspirational vegan activists.
1. Alicia Silverstone.
She has been a prominent vegan activists figure for many years. Alicia is an actress in US, an author, music video vixen and an animal rights activist. She won an award in 2004 as the sexiest vegetarian celebrity. Alicia describes her vegan journey as a secret to her joy and peace in her life. She is one vegan activists who does everything possible to reduce animal suffering. She can never wear any product made from animals (leather or wool).Alicia describes her vegan journey as the best decision she has ever made. Once she went vegan, she lost the weight she always wanted, her skin started glowing and her nails became stronger. She uses her fame to promote a vegan lifestyle and promote animal cruelty awareness. She has been featured on popular talk shows such as Oprah.
2. Neil Barnard
Barnard is a very successful doctor in America. He is the founder of Physicians committee for Responsible Medicine. This is an international network for doctors and scientists. He is a leading advocate for health and nutrition and research .He is a profound icon in vegan lifestyle and has also written vegan books.
3. Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres has a very high position in Hollywood life. She has the power of spreading impactful messages to the public on her daytime talk show called Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has become more open about her vegan lifestyle and is a powerful figure as a vegan activist. Ellen uses her show to promote animal cruelty awareness and promote the vegan lifestyle.
4. John Robbins
John Robbins is one vegan who has inspired a whole generation of vegetarians with his incredible story. He has very serious approach to vegan activism which inspires many. He has won numerous awards and is an author of a bestselling book called Diet for a New America.

5. Howard Lyman
Also known as the “Mad Cowboy”. Howard Lyman was a farmer in Montana who moved his business to producing ecology friendly products. He has played a great role in the passing of National Organic standards. He is also the author of a bestselling book called Mad Cowboy.