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How to Detox After the Holidays

  • Jan 8, 2017

Holidays are a time when your liver and digestive tract take a “pounding” from all the alcohol and heavy foods you eat. By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, you’re probably ready for a day spent resting in bed and a heavy detox. Here is how you can get rid of all that excess alcohol and toxins that have built up in your body:

  1. Exercise – Exercise is VERY detoxifying! It encourages sweating, which eliminates a lot of the toxins that have built up on your skin. But exercise also helps to promote urination and defecation, your body’s way of eliminating internal and dietary toxins. Go for a jog, lift weights, or even take a walk—the exercise will do your body good!
  2. Drink up – Do you know why you’ve got a hangover? Aside from the alcohol poisoning, the hangover is usually the result of dehydration. That pounding in your head, dry mouth, and churning in your stomach can be dealt with by drinking a few glasses of water. On the night of the party, make it a point to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you knock back. You’ll find yourself far less hung over, and with far fewer toxins to eliminate.
  3. Try oats – Oats are an excellent detoxifying food, thanks to their high fiber (soluble and insoluble) content. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and vanilla into oatmeal, and you’ll give your taste buds something to be happy about. The oatmeal will help to settle your stomach by absorbing the alcohol still in your digestive tract. A bit of fruit in your oatmeal will do wonders to replace lost water and nutrients.
  4. Have some yogurt – Yogurt is an amazing detoxifying agent, thanks to its high protein and beneficial bacteria content. A bit of honey will help to eliminate any excess alcohol, microbes, and bacteria hanging around in your body. Add in some nuts (for fiber and minerals) and fruits (preferably something high in Vitamin C), and you’ll have a much better day-after!
  5. Eat spicy and salty – Drinking eliminates electrolytes (sodium and potassium) from your body, increasing the risk of dehydration. Salty foods (like beans) contain plenty of both electrolytes. Add a bit of spicy chili powder into the mix, and you can prevent the pain that accompanies inflammation.
  6. Try juicing – After a day of heavy drinking after a week or two of heavy eating, your body can stand to consume some juice. Try juices that contain a lot of fruits and veggies mixed—something like celery, cactus, and orange juice. It will flush out your system, replenish lost nutrients, and cut back on calories for a day.