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Facts About Veganism to Silence the Critics

  • Aug 16, 2016

Many are the times that vegans find themselves trying to defend their choice to some ignorant meat lover or vegetarians. Many people do not know the benefits that come with being vegan that is why they are always perturbed when a person makes the choice. Below are some of the facts about being vegan to help the critics understand the choice and possibly cross the bridge to the vegan world.
1. Enjoy a Lower Rate of Obesity
Obesity mainly results from eating food that is rich in fat and cholesterol. Vegan diets contain small amounts of cholesterol and fats but rather provide lots of fiber. The low cholesterol and fats in their diets is evidenced by them being thinner than vegetarians and meat eaters. The moderate amount of fat and cholesterol in a vegan diet helps its consumers avoid obesity and the many health problems that are associated with it. Some of the challenges prevented include type two diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
2. Lowers the Probability of getting some Cancers
A vegan enjoys a lower chance of getting cancer, thanks to avoiding obesity and consuming foods that protect against cancer. Vegans tend to consume more tomatoes, fiber, vitamin C, legumes, vegetables, and alluvium vegetables all of which protect against some cancers.
3. Bone Health
It is a popular belief that vegans have weaker bones than vegetarians and meat eaters. There is no difference in bone health between omnivores and vegans who consume more than 525mg of calcium per day. Bone health is also improved by taking foods rich in vitamin D and K, magnesium and potassium all of which vegan diets contain.
4. Healthy Outlook
Vegans have a healthier outlook as compared to omnivores and vegetarians. This is because they tend to have a better overall health as compared to the others. Studies done over and over again continue to show that a vegan diet does an excellent job at preventing diseases. Another factor that contributes to their healthy outlook is the great mood that vegans are always in. The healthy smiles tend to make them look healthier than vegetarians and meat eaters
The facts above show that people should not question vegans but rather join them to experience similar benefits. The benefits are all scientifically proven so a person in doubt can be certain to enjoy them once they become vegan.