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10 Adorable Vegan Snacks for Halloween

  • Oct 28, 2016

1. Spooky cupcakes
Most of the celebrations are not complete without cupcakes. Babycakes is a shop in New York that specializes in cooking gluten free baked goods for vegans. They have a good recipe for cooking gluten free cupcakes and the recipe can be altered to create different kinds of flavors.

2. 3-ingredeint apple bites
This is a healthy Halloween appetizer, and it is enjoyed by both adults and kids. They were created by Angela Liddon, and you can add a combination of things to make it better. They are so versatile, but I like to add almond butter and blackcurrant jam to make mine taste spicy.

3. Creepy crudites and dips
To celebrate this spirit-riddled night choose cauliflower which looks like brains and olives that look like eyeballs and create a good snack of raw vegetables. Who said you couldn’t enjoy Halloween if you are a vegan? Team these with dips to make a delicious platter that will be too precious to enjoy this night. Cauliflowers will create perfect bran bites and carrots are craved to look like fingers combine these, and you will have the best vegan Halloween.

4. Crispy rice treats
You can mold these into any shape you want, and they make a good looking brain shape. These are the best snacks for your Halloween, and you can’t go wrong with them. They are sweet, crispy and crunchy snacks that will get your mood right for the night. Dip them in melted vegan chocolate and you can even decorate them with dark chocolate so they can look like eyes.

5. Ectoplasmic smoothie
It’s created using nondairy milk together with the other appropriate ingredients, and they are blended enough to make a thick and creamy liquid just like the thick mess Slimer left in the Ghostbusters movie. It reminds you of wheatgrass, but it is just a bright green smoothie to enjoy on the night.

6. The graveyard dip
Even the name itself is terrifying. It incorporates of a layer of black beans covered with a layer of guacamole together with blue corn chips or any other vegan-friendly crackers to make them look like tombstone dippers.

7. Mysterious martinis

Vegan Yack Attack makes these alcoholic bevvies, but this is obviously for adults. However, you can make a non-alcoholic version for the kids, expectant mothers and other people who are not alcohol friendly. You can use green grape juice as a base and add green cola of your choice if you want.

8. Veggie dog “mummies.”
To make this, wrap strips of crescent roll dough around the uncooked veggie dogs. Bake according to the instructions on the rolls’ packaging. You can dot a pair of eyes with some mustard once they are brown and toasty. Serve them warm.

9. Sugar cookies
They take some time and effort, but they are all worth it. Your children will love to help make these as they decorate them with green, orange or black sugar sparkles. You can make a bunch of these if you have the right ingredients in your house.

10. Pumpkin pie ice cream
This will be the climax of your Halloween when you spread some of this ice cream on the sugar cookies above. You will get a delicious vegan sandwich out of it, and this is when you get really spooky.