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Tofu is one of those foods that mixes well with everything. You can eat it alone, add it into your smoothie, chop it up to add to your meals, or even put it in your salad. The different types of tofu give you multiple cooking options, making it a highly versatile vegan protein. Here are a few of our favorite ways to use tofu in our meals:

Protein-Rich Salad – If you want to turn your salad into something hearty and filling, not just a side dish, use a bit of tofu in the mix. Go for the harder-texture tofu, and bake it in the oven with plenty of spices. Make a salad with all your favorite fixings: nuts, tomatoes, cranberries, corn, vegan cheese or bacon, carrots, and so on. Sprinkle the baked tofu over the top like restaurants do with grilled chicken, and you have a hearty, protein-heavy salad to help you fill up the healthy way.

Sandwich Filling – Adding a bit more tofu into your sandwich can turn a couple of slices of bread into a magical delicacy. For example, use vegan mayonnaise, pickles, onions, and corn to turn your tofu into a “tofuna sandwich”. Add in mustard, relish, grilled onions, and plenty of greens. You can even toss it into the oven to make it a vegan version of a “tuna melt”. Definitely one of the best ways to up your sandwich game.

Vegan Wraps – Wraps are a delicious way to get more veggies and protein in the neat package of a flour tortilla. It’s a balanced meal that’s easy to pack on your way to work or school. You’ll want to use the spongier tofu instead of the silky varieties, and add plenty of flavor to your wrap before closing it up. Stuff it with as much greens, grilled onions, vegan cheese and bacon, and veggie ingredients as you can fit. Brown-bagging your meals just got a lot tastier.

Stir-Fried – If you love Asian food, tofu makes the perfect addition to any stir-fried dish. You’ll find dozens of Asian stir fry sauces to use (soy sauce, peanut sauce, etc.), and they’ll all taste delicious with your stir-fried tofu and veggies. Add in some noodles or rice for the perfect Asian vegetarian or vegan dish.

Fajitas/Burritos – Mexican food doesn’t have to be unhealthy! You can use all of the tasty, healthy ingredients (guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo, meat-free beans, etc.), but mix in tofu instead of grilled chicken or beef strips. Roll it up and enjoy any time of day or night.


Try these recipes and you’ll find that tofu can be one of the tastiest additions to your meals.



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If you’re looking for something fun to do on the last weekend of March, consider the North Hollywood Vegan Street Fair. It’s a place where you can find all sorts of fun, food, and festivities aimed at vegans, vegetarians, as well as the general public.

The Vegan Street Fair is a yearly celebration of all things vegan—not just food, but crafts, products, and art. It’s held every year in Los Angeles (March and September) and New York (June) to give vegans a place to find the very best of vegan food.

It’s definitely the food that brings the guests flocking to the event. Local restaurants—both vegan and vegan-friendly—bring their best dishes for you to try. You can roam the fair and try all the delicious foods from around the world, all with one common element: they’re 100% vegan. From bite-sized portions to complete meals, you can find everything you want to eat in this amazing street fair.

The entry is 100% free, so you can get in and see everything without having to pay a cover fee. You can, however, pay a small fee ($4) to try all the vegan foods and taste what local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants are serving.

For those who want a taste of everything, the $40 VIP pass is a must-have. The VIP Fast Pass gives you access to all the vendors in the fair, and you can get through the event without waiting in line for anything. For hardcore vegans who need to try everything to find your next delicious meal, the VIP pass is worth every penny.

But don’t think the fun comes to an end when the sun goes down! In addition to the delicious food served at the street fair during the day, there will also be fun and games into the evening. There will be live performances, entertainment, games for the family, beer gardens, dancing, and so much more. The event takes place for two nights (March 25 and 26), making it the perfect way to spend your weekend.

If you’re a foodie looking for more high quality vegan fare in your city (Los Angeles), NoHo is the place for you to be. You can enjoy the best of vegan culture and cuisine, all just a short drive from your home. Definitely an event of the month, and one you can’t miss out on!

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Looking for delicious meals that don’t contain animal products? You’ll find there are a surprising number of vegan food brands providing meat alternatives to your favorite foods!

Beyond Meat – All the meat alternatives made by this company are made using pea protein, but they’re some of the best-tasting vegan meat products you’ll find. Definitely a good choice for when you want something enjoyable!

Yves Veggie Cuisine – The broad selection of vegan products include hot dogs, bacon strips, and other meat-less “meat products”. The vegan products are cholesterol-free and surprisingly delicious.

Torfurky – This was one of the first companies to produce meat alternatives, including their incredibly famous plant-based bacon, sliced meat, and even chorizo-style meat. They’re all soy-based, and the brand has had decades to perfect its delightful flavors!

Lightlife – If you want to be 100% certain your food products are vegan, Lightlife is the brand for you. The label even says “Certified Vegan”, and the brand offers a broad range of meat alternatives to burgers, sausages, roasts, and deli meat.

Simply Balanced – If you don’t mind consuming soy products, this is one of the best vegan food brands to buy. The foods are all highly delicious, coated with vegan sauces that enhance the flavor of the meat alternatives. You can find everything from vegan soy sauce to teriyaki sauce to chipotle sauce.

Gardein – For those who love seafood, this is a meat-free alternative to consider. The “fishless fish” and “crabless crab” products are absolutely delicious, and taste just like the real versions. The manufacturer offers more than just seafood—including meat and poultry alternatives.

Field Roast – All of this brand’s products are made using grain meat, and you’ll find that they offer meat alternatives to hot dogs, deli meat, burgers, roasts, and sausages. There’s even a vegan cheese for dairy lovers! However, be warned: it’s definitely not gluten-free.

Trader Joe’s – Is it any surprise that one of the country’s largest health food store chains offers own-brand vegan products? The stores carry a surprisingly broad selection of vegan meat alternatives, many of which are absolutely delicious. Best of all, they’re highly available and not too over-priced.

Sweet Earth – Few brands are as well known for vegan bacon as Sweet Earth. Made out of Seitan, the “fake bacon” strips are as crispy and delicious as the real deal. You’ll love the vegan ground “meat” and veggie burgers.

If you’re a vegan and want to eat well, these are the brands to shop. Their meat alternatives are incredibly delicious, and they offer the variety you want!

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Vegan eating can be one of the best ways to not only eat healthy, but also enjoy the many tasty plant-based foods provided for us by Mother Nature. Keeping your pantry stocked with the following items will ensure you always have what you need to prepare meals that are as delicious as they are nutritious:

  1. Seeds – Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds are all excellent sources of fiber, healthy fats, minerals, and even protein.
  2. Nuts – Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts deliver a hefty dose of healthy unsaturated fats, along with fiber, protein, some carbs, and lots of awesome minerals.
  3. Agave Nectar – This sweetener is much more eco-friendly, as agave plants are already harvested to make tequila. It’s a more sustainable sweetener, not to mention a much healthier one that won’t affect your glucose levels.
  4. Vegan Milk – Soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are all excellent alternatives to dairy product. Keep them handy for cooking both sweet and savory dishes.
  5. Spices and Herbs – Cumin, coriander, cayenne pepper, red pepper, black pepper, turmeric, curry powder, dill, and the list of delicious spices and herbs keeps going on! They will make a delicious addition to your meals, and can help to improve circulation, fat burning, and overall health.
  6. Veggie Stock – This is handy to have for making quick meals: soups, casseroles, and pastas. You’ll find it’s easy to whip up a meal in a few minutes as long as you have veggie stock in your pantry.
  7. Pasta – Noodles are a delicious addition to your diet, and they provide a great base for a wide range of veggie-based sauces and toppings.
  8. Legumes – Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and green peas are all loaded with plant-based proteins. Pair them with whole grains, and you get all the nutrients your body needs to produce muscle tissue.
  9. Whole Grains – Brown rice, brown flour, quinoa, bulgur, and barley are just a few of the whole grains you want in your pantry. These foods deliver a hefty dose of high-fiber carbs, and they’ll round out the amino acids in your plant-based proteins.
  10. Applesauce – You can make your own applesauce or buy it from the store—all that matters is that you have plenty on hand if you need a quick, healthy snack.

Stock up on these vegan pantry essentials, and you’ll find it’s brilliantly easy to eat a healthy, balanced diet!

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Coconut oil is an amazing superfood, one that offers a surprising number of health benefits! Here are some of the awesome things coconut oil can do for you:

  1. Improve your skin. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that will add a protective layer to your skin. This layer will trap moisture in and keep pollutants out. It’s one of the best natural skin-care remedies on the planet.
  2. Prevent skin dryness. The fatty acids and nutrients in coconut oil will help to prevent dryness, even among those with naturally dry skin.
  3. Reduce skin aging. The antioxidant properties of coconut oil can act as an anti-aging remedy. It will reduce free radical damage to your skin as well as prevent skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis from breaking down skin cells.
  4. Nourish your hair. Coconut oil is rich in nutrients that will protect your hair from damage. It can also prevent the loss of protein that is common with age, ensuring that your hair remains thick, strong, and healthy.
  5. Restores damaged hair. If your hair is damaged by age, pollution, dryness, excessive sunlight, or chemicals, you should try using coconut oil as a remedy. The proteins, minerals, and fatty acids in coconut oil will do wonders to improve the health of your hair and repair the cellular damage.
  6. Promote weight loss. Like all high unsaturated fat foods, coconut oil encourages your body to burn more stored and dietary fat. It also helps to reduce abdominal obesity, increase thyroid and hormone function, and boosts your metabolism.
  7. Improve heart health. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that will increase the good HDL cholesterol, restoring control of bad LDL cholesterol to your body. It can also decrease oxidative stress on the heart, preventing heart attacks and strokes. It will even prevent cholesterol from building up in the arteries!
  8. Boost resistance to disease. The various minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids in coconut oil will nourish the beneficial bacteria living in your gut. By encouraging the growth of this bacteria, you ensure your body is able to eliminate the majority of the viral, bacterial, and fungal threats you face every day. Lauric acid (a potent acid in coconut oil) is able to fight off all manner of infections, even dealing with HIV viruses.
  9. Improve digestion. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties that makes it excellent for fighting off the microbes that can indigestion, IBS, and other gastrointestinal health problems.
  10. Speed up healing. The nutrients in coconut oil encourages rapid healing of skin tissue, both lacerations and bruising.

As you can see, coconut oil is a truly amazing food. How could you NOT want to add it to your diet?

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Holidays are a time when your liver and digestive tract take a “pounding” from all the alcohol and heavy foods you eat. By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, you’re probably ready for a day spent resting in bed and a heavy detox. Here is how you can get rid of all that excess alcohol and toxins that have built up in your body:

  1. Exercise – Exercise is VERY detoxifying! It encourages sweating, which eliminates a lot of the toxins that have built up on your skin. But exercise also helps to promote urination and defecation, your body’s way of eliminating internal and dietary toxins. Go for a jog, lift weights, or even take a walk—the exercise will do your body good!
  2. Drink up – Do you know why you’ve got a hangover? Aside from the alcohol poisoning, the hangover is usually the result of dehydration. That pounding in your head, dry mouth, and churning in your stomach can be dealt with by drinking a few glasses of water. On the night of the party, make it a point to drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you knock back. You’ll find yourself far less hung over, and with far fewer toxins to eliminate.
  3. Try oats – Oats are an excellent detoxifying food, thanks to their high fiber (soluble and insoluble) content. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon and vanilla into the oatmeal, and you’ll give your taste buds something to be happy about. The oatmeal will help to settle your stomach by absorbing the alcohol still in your digestive tract. A bit of fruit in your oatmeal will do wonders to replace lost water and nutrients.
  4. Have some yoghurt – Yoghurt is an amazing detoxifying agent, thanks to its high protein and beneficial bacteria content. A bit of honey will help to eliminate any excess alcohol, microbes, and bacteria hanging around in your body. Add in some nuts (for fiber and minerals) and fruits (preferably something high in Vitamin C), and you’ll have a much better day-after!
  5. Eat spicy and salty – Drinking eliminates electrolytes (sodium and potassium) from your body, increasing the risk of dehydration. Salty foods (like beans) contain plenty of both electrolytes. Add a bit of spicy chili powder into the mix, and you can prevent the pain that accompanies inflammation.
  6. Try juicing – After a day of heavy drinking after a week or two of heavy eating, your body can stand to consume some juice. Try juices that contain a lot of fruits and veggies mixed—something like celery, cactus, and orange juice. It will flush out your system, replenish lost nutrients, and cut back on calories for a day.
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Shopping for vegan food doesn’t have to be a hassle! You’ll find that most grocery stores and supermarkets are stocked with vegan foods, and you can always pop into specialty stores (like Trader Joe’s or Sprouts) to find the less-common food items.

Here are a few items to add to your vegan grocery list—aside from the nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits, and veggies, of course:

Non-Dairy Milks – Almond and soy milk are two of the most widely-available non-dairy milks, but many supermarkets will also carry coconut milk and rice milk. Harder to find are cashew milk, hemp milk, and oat milk. Try to find milks that are Vitamin B12 fortified. This vitamin is vital for a healthy metabolism.

Cheese Substitutes – Your average grocery store won’t carry vegan cheese, so you may have to head to specialty food stores or shop online. Nutritional yeast makes for a good alternative to parmesan cheese, and you can use it to make vegan Mac and Cheese.

Butter Alternatives – Earth Balance is one of the most popular vegan butter substitutes, but remember that your vegan diet should be fairly low in oil. You’ll find Earth Balance in specialty and health food stores.

Egg Substitutes – Egg substitutes can be found in just about every supermarket, and they’re a good option for when you want a vegan omelet. However, you can use cornstarch or chia seeds in place of eggs in your vegan recipes.

Sweeteners – Stevia is one of the most popular sweeteners on the market, and it’s available in just about every supermarket around the country. Blackstrap molasses is another excellent vegan sweetener, as is 100% organic maple syrup. Stock up on these three sweeteners and use them in your coffee, tea, cereals, and vegan baked goodies.

Meat Substitutes – Every supermarket carries soy-based meat alternatives, but you may have to go to specialty stores to find tempeh and seitan. The good news is that there are many delicious vegan meat alternatives—it’s up to you to try them and find the ones that appeal to your palates best.

Our recommendation: instead of trying to find vegan burgers, use a whole Portobello mushroom instead. Grilled up, it has that rich flavor and delicious texture that will be the perfect vegan alternative to burgers.

Condiments – If you can’t live without your three favorite condiments, there are options out there. Vegan mayonnaise is an item you’ll find in specialty stores, but you can usually find non-GMO organic mustard and ketchup in local supermarkets. Just make sure they’re made without high fructose corn syrup!

Yes, shopping for a vegan diet can be a bit challenging, but not impossible. Learn what you can find in supermarkets and what you have to buy in specialty stores, and it will be much easier to streamline your shopping trips.

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Becoming vegan isn’t just about changing your eating habits—it’s an entire way of life. Veganism embraces abstention from animal products, and it rejects the status of animals as commodity.  This means that animal products beyond food should be excluded from a vegan lifestyle. Not as easy as you expected, right?

Understanding the truth about becoming vegan can help you make that first step toward true veganism. But what comes next?

Converting your kitchen and grocery list – Your kitchen should only contain vegan products, not just specialty soy products, but also foods like tempeh, seitan, tofu, and other vegan foods. You’ll need to start looking for recipe books to teach you to make delicious vegan meals, using non-animal products to nourish your body and appeal to your taste buds. You should start doing research on what foods are part of a vegan diet, and which foods to avoid. This will often go beyond animal products, and will usually include processed, refined, and high sugar foods.

Adapt your budget – Going vegan doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You may want to spend some money on pricier meat, cheese, and dairy alternatives, but the majority of your nutrition will come from veggies, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and other foods you’re already buying. In fact, you’ll end up eating a lot of foods made with cheap ingredients like pasta, rice, and legumes. Your budget will likely change as you begin to buy exclusively vegan foods, but you won’t break the bank becoming a vegan.

Prepare for social challenges – Being a vegan doesn’t mean people will automatically look at you differently, but it will make it harder to interact with non-vegans in traditional social settings. For example, if you’re accustomed to having brunch with friends, you may have to find a new way to socialize due to the fact that your brunch restaurant doesn’t serve vegan fare. It can be challenging to find vegan restaurants or eateries that serve vegan fare, which could limit social opportunities.

You’ll also have to face the challenge of ignorance. Many people don’t understand veganism or how it can benefit you, so they’ll speak and act from a place of ignorance. There will be many misunderstandings with your family and friends as they adjust to your new lifestyle. The best you can do is help to educate them about veganism as a way of life. The more they understand, the easier it will be for them to accept your choice.

The good news is that the vegan community is friendly, welcoming, and willing to accept you with open arms. You can make new friends and find a new family among the vegans of your city. Plus, the vegan community is an excellent resource on making the change to a vegan lifestyle.

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For many, going vegan changed their life! The radical change in eating and lifestyle can take some getting used to, but you’ll find there are A LOT of health benefits of going vegan:

  1. Better weight control – A vegan diet is high in protein and raw food but low in refined grains and sugar. What you have there is a recipe for not just weight maintenance, but actual weight LOSS! For those who want to get their weight under control, going vegan is a good option to consider.
  2. Lower risk of chronic disease – Eating a plant-based diet means your body is getting a lot of the fiber and antioxidants it needs, so your risk of chronic disease (cancer, heart disease, etc.) is significantly lower.
  3. Improved heart health – A high-fiber diet is excellent for your heart, as the fiber eliminates the cholesterol, toxins, fats, and sugars in your digestive tract. You’ll find that a vegan diet with plenty of protein is a great way to improve your heart health.
  4. Reduced risk of diabetes – Diabetes is often the result of long-term high sugar consumption, but a vegan diet includes very little in the way of sugar. The vegan diet is all about eating natural foods, and you can seriously decrease your risk of insulin resistance by sticking with only “raw” and “natural” foods.
  5. Reduce cancer risk – Imagine that! The food you eat can help to reduce your risk of cancer, especially if that food is predominantly veggies and fruits—which are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants will counteract the inflammation, free radicals, and toxins that can lead to cancer, reducing your risk of carcinogens forming significantly.
  6. Improve eye health – Orange fruits and veggies (carrots, squash, oranges, etc.) are packed with Vitamin A, which is vital for healthy eyes. However, did you know that a vegetarian diet can help to reduce your risks of cataracts forming?
  7. Improve thyroid function – Your thyroid gland plays vital role in your production of hormones (male and female alike), so keeping it working well is the key to staying healthy. A vegan diet can reduce your risk of hypothyroidism by increasing thyroid function.
  8. Longer lifespan – What if you could live longer, thanks to your diet? The all-natural foods consumed as part of a vegan diet will protect your body from oxidative stress and free radical damage. Essentially, these natural foods could reduce aging and keep your body working well for many more years.
  9. Fight arthritis – Vegan and vegetarian diets have both been proven to fight rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks healthy cartilage. The elimination of dietary gluten may be the key to shutting down the autoimmune response.
  10. Healthier kidneys – With less toxins and hard-to-digest fats and animal proteins, your kidneys have less waste to eliminate. Vegan diets can improve kidney function and may even help to reverse kidney damage.

As you can see, there are A LOT of great reasons for going vegan!

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Fall is a time when the most flavor-rich of the foods are finally in season: pumpkins and squashes, root vegetables, and the list goes on. There’s nothing like a delicious pumpkin pie, spaghetti squash pasta, or roasted acorn squash dish to make your palate sing. Here are a few of our favorite yummy vegan foods for fall that you’ll definitely want to try:

  1. Squash Soup – Squash is one of those foods you can’t help but love. It’s sweet enough that it appeals to your tastebuds, but it’s surprisingly healthy! It’s packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, and vital minerals. Turning it into a soup is the perfect way to beat back the late-fall cold. The soup is rich, thick, and creamy, and it’s just what you need to be warm all the way to your toes.
  2. Pumpkin Pie – How could you say no to a little slice of this heaven? Don’t worry: you can find dozens of recipes for vegan pumpkin pie, recipes that don’t include any animal products. Everything from the crust to the filling is made entirely from vegan ingredients, but it’s just as delicious as any store-bought pie. Definitely the dessert you want on your Thanksgiving table!
  3. Apple Pie – This is another classic fall food, one that is even more appealing when the weather gets cold. The rich, spicy flavor of the apple pie is soothing and comforting, bringing you back to those happier days as a child when your mother would serve up a pie fresh out of the oven. Best of all, stewed apples are excellent for your health, courtesy of the fiber (pectin) they contain. Just make sure to cut back on the sugar, and you could have a dessert fairly close to “healthy”!
  4. Acorn Squash Alfredo Pasta ––  This is a recipe you can’t help but love! It takes the creaminess of squash and uses it to make a smooth, rich vegan “Alfredo” sauce. Mix it in with some basil and garlic, and you have everything you need for a delicious pasta. Definitely the savory vegan dish to prepare for your next family gathering.
  5. Ginger Spice Cookies – These always bring back memories! Ginger spice cookies are sweet but pack a nice little zing. They’re the perfect comfort food for those days when you want to curl up in front of the fire with a good book. Find the right vegan ginger spice cookie recipe, and you can prepare batch after batch of these delicious little cookies.

Yes, fall is a wonderful time of year to be vegan! Thanks to the wide variety of autumn produce, you have everything you need to make your food absolutely delicious.

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1. Spooky cupcakes
Most of the celebrations are not complete without cupcakes. Babycakes is a shop in New York that specializes in cooking gluten free baked goods for vegans. They have a good recipe for cooking gluten free cupcakes and the recipe can be altered to create different kinds of flavors.

2. 3-ingredeint apple bites
This is a healthy Halloween appetizer, and it is enjoyed by both adults and kids. They were created by Angela Liddon, and you can add a combination of things to make it better. They are so versatile, but I like to add almond butter and blackcurrant jam to make mine taste spicy.

3. Creepy crudites and dips
To celebrate this spirit-riddled night choose cauliflower which looks like brains and olives that look like eyeballs and create a good snack of raw vegetables. Who said you couldn’t enjoy Halloween if you are a vegan? Team these with dips to make a delicious platter that will be too precious to enjoy this night. Cauliflowers will create perfect bran bites and carrots are craved to look like fingers combine these, and you will have the best vegan Halloween.

4. Crispy rice treats
You can mold these into any shape you want, and they make a good looking brain shape. These are the best snacks for your Halloween, and you can’t go wrong with them. They are sweet, crispy and crunchy snacks that will get your mood right for the night. Dip them in melted vegan chocolate and you can even decorate them with dark chocolate so they can look like eyes.

5. Ectoplasmic smoothie
It’s created using nondairy milk together with the other appropriate ingredients, and they are blended enough to make a thick and creamy liquid just like the thick mess Slimer left in the Ghostbusters movie. It reminds you of wheatgrass, but it is just a bright green smoothie to enjoy on the night.

6. The graveyard dip
Even the name itself is terrifying. It incorporates of a layer of black beans covered with a layer of guacamole together with blue corn chips or any other vegan-friendly crackers to make them look like tombstone dippers.

7. Mysterious martinis

Vegan Yack Attack makes these alcoholic bevvies, but this is obviously for adults. However, you can make a non-alcoholic version for the kids, expectant mothers and other people who are not alcohol friendly. You can use green grape juice as a base and add green cola of your choice if you want.

8. Veggie dog “mummies.”
To make this, wrap strips of crescent roll dough around the uncooked veggie dogs. Bake according to the instructions on the rolls’ packaging. You can dot a pair of eyes with some mustard once they are brown and toasty. Serve them warm.

9. Sugar cookies
They take some time and effort, but they are all worth it. Your children will love to help make these as they decorate them with green, orange or black sugar sparkles. You can make a bunch of these if you have the right ingredients in your house.

10. Pumpkin pie ice cream
This will be the climax of your Halloween when you spread some of this ice cream on the sugar cookies above. You will get a delicious vegan sandwich out of it, and this is when you get really spooky.

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Staying up late is the norm for a lot of people. You may want to finish some office work, read a book, and watch a movie or even have a night talk with a friend. However, when you stay up late you are likely to experience hunger pains. If you are following a healthy vegan diet plan it is important that you eat only healthy snacks to get rid of the hunger pains. Post dinner cravings are due to boredom, lack of proteins, dehydration or low sugar levels. Late night snacks should not be high in fats neither should they be heavy meals. There are many vegan snacks to choose from that can keep you healthy. You can try the following vegan bites to satisfy your midnight cravings:
To enjoy a snack rich in proteins and fibers you can dip veggies in vegan yogurts. Use broccoli, snap peas, bell pepper or cauliflower as healthy midnight snacks. Carrots can also make a great snack when blended with fat free yogurt.
Oatmeal is ranked among the world’s top most healthy foods. It is a very popular snack since it is light and cannot disturb you in your sleep. Oatmeal improves sleep and is a very good meal to have before bed. It also reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugar and gives you an athletic performance. Oatmeal is the way to go! Oatmeal can be taken with bananas or cherries to keep your body satisfied.
Frozen fruits:
These are the most readily available snacks. Frozen fruits are ideal for midnight cravings. Apples and bananas are satisfying and are low in calories .Other fruits like oranges, berries, peaches and kiwis can also be eaten as snacks at night. You can eat them in a frozen state or blend them to make a fruit smoothie.
It is made from sesame seeds and mixed with a little amount of oil to make it right. This delicious spread can be spread over a slice of vegan bread and used as a late night snack. You can also dip veggies in the tahini paste. It makes a great salad! Benefits of tahini include improved sleep, heart health and protection against cancer.
It is advisable to take whole grains since they are low in calories and rich in fiber. Rye is a good example of a cereal you can grab at night when hunger strikes. You can eat it with peanut butter, which is a healthy fat. Make sure you eat organic bars that have dried fruits and with no preservatives.

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Vegetarians are people who have managed to refrain from eating red meat, fish and poultry for a year or more. A vegetarian diet can meet protein requirements in a very healthy way and provide all the amino acids the body requires. It can also give the body fats, minerals and vitamins to improve your health. This protects the body against diseases like heart attacks and diabetes. A vegetarian diet also promotes healthy body weight. In the vegan movement, activists have been known to use their fame and influence to promote the vegan way of life. They have done a great job using a variety of brilliant tactics to be persuasive. Below is a list of top five inspirational vegan activists.
1. Alicia Silverstone.
She has been a prominent vegan activists figure for many years. Alicia is an actress in US, an author, music video vixen and an animal rights activist. She won an award in 2004 as the sexiest vegetarian celebrity. Alicia describes her vegan journey as a secret to her joy and peace in her life. She is one vegan activists who does everything possible to reduce animal suffering. She can never wear any product made from animals (leather or wool).Alicia describes her vegan journey as the best decision she has ever made. Once she went vegan, she lost the weight she always wanted, her skin started glowing and her nails became stronger. She uses her fame to promote a vegan lifestyle and promote animal cruelty awareness. She has been featured on popular talk shows such as Oprah.
2. Neil Barnard
Barnard is a very successful doctor in America. He is the founder of Physicians committee for Responsible Medicine. This is an international network for doctors and scientists. He is a leading advocate for health and nutrition and research .He is a profound icon in vegan lifestyle and has also written vegan books.
3. Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres has a very high position in Hollywood life. She has the power of spreading impactful messages to the public on her daytime talk show called Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has become more open about her vegan lifestyle and is a powerful figure as a vegan activist. Ellen uses her show to promote animal cruelty awareness and promote the vegan lifestyle.
4. John Robbins
John Robbins is one vegan who has inspired a whole generation of vegetarians with his incredible story. He has very serious approach to vegan activism which inspires many. He has won numerous awards and is an author of a bestselling book called Diet for a New America.

5. Howard Lyman
Also known as the “Mad Cowboy”. Howard Lyman was a farmer in Montana who moved his business to producing ecology friendly products. He has played a great role in the passing of National Organic standards. He is also the author of a bestselling book called Mad Cowboy.

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Many are the times that vegans find themselves trying to defend their choice to some ignorant meat lover or vegetarians. Many people do not know the benefits that come with being vegan that is why they are always perturbed when a person makes the choice. Below are some of the facts about being vegan to help the critics understand the choice and possibly cross the bridge to the vegan world.
1. Enjoy a Lower Rate of Obesity
Obesity mainly results from eating food that is rich in fat and cholesterol. Vegan diets contain small amounts of cholesterol and fats but rather provide lots of fiber. The low cholesterol and fats in their diets is evidenced by them being thinner than vegetarians and meat eaters. The moderate amount of fat and cholesterol in a vegan diet helps its consumers avoid obesity and the many health problems that are associated with it. Some of the challenges prevented include type two diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
2. Lowers the Probability of getting some Cancers
A vegan enjoys a lower chance of getting cancer, thanks to avoiding obesity and consuming foods that protect against cancer. Vegans tend to consume more tomatoes, fiber, vitamin C, legumes, vegetables, and alluvium vegetables all of which protect against some cancers.
3. Bone Health
It is a popular belief that vegans have weaker bones than vegetarians and meat eaters. There is no difference in bone health between omnivores and vegans who consume more than 525mg of calcium per day. Bone health is also improved by taking foods rich in vitamin D and K, magnesium and potassium all of which vegan diets contain.
4. Healthy Outlook
Vegans have a healthier outlook as compared to omnivores and vegetarians. This is because they tend to have a better overall health as compared to the others. Studies done over and over again continue to show that a vegan diet does an excellent job at preventing diseases. Another factor that contributes to their healthy outlook is the great mood that vegans are always in. The healthy smiles tend to make them look healthier than vegetarians and meat eaters
The facts above show that people should not question vegans but rather join them to experience similar benefits. The benefits are all scientifically proven so a person in doubt can be certain to enjoy them once they become vegan.

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These get-gorgeous animal free beauty products will have you feeling as good as you look.

Make Soft Focus Powder Foundation, is a powder that comes in 16 shades and contains vitamins C and E, which leaves your skin radiant and hydrated.
Sunday Riley Juno Hydro active Cellular Face Oil, packed with retinol, vitamin C, and Omega-3, 6, and 9, is costly but worth the price. It leaves your skin glowing and has anti-aging properties.
This body cream has five different shades. With light-reflecting particles it helps to hide minor imperfections.
Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion makes bruises heal faster, treats sunburns and repels insects.
Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant provides the protection you require. The zinc ricinolate and essentials oils leave you a fresh scent.
The ELF Cosmetics Studio Matte Lip Colour in “Rich Red” feels like a luxurious lipstick, but at a fraction of the cost. They come in 11 different hues and are quite affordable.
The Hi Wildflower Botanica is a range of perfumes that lasts the whole day. The oil based version lasts longer hence more costly.
The volume-enhancing Olivine Atelier Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist gives you instant waves and comes in a chic glass bottle.
Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture line of nail polish does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene or camphor that dries out nails.
Tarte Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Spectrum SPF is Tarte’s first non-chemical sunscreen that protects, moisturizes, and re-invigorates skin for a younger look.
Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser is a certified organic soap less cleanser gentle enough for all types of skin including sensitive skin.
Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish is manufactured from virgin coconut oil, raw sugar, rose absolute and vitamin. It will leave your skin soft and moisturized.
The Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum’s cost is expensive. It prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles, and even fades brown spots.
Skinny Skinny Organic Dry Shampoo is manufactured from brown rice powder, corn starch and baking soda that soaks up excess oil.
Mad Hippie Antioxidant Facial Oil provides instant, hydration to the skin leaving it revitalized. It also reduces the appearance of scars and inflammation.

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If you’re looking for a way to shake things up and improve your health this summer, why not try going vegan? It may sound drastic, but you’ll find that it can make you feel so much happier and better!
Here are 10 awesome reasons to go vegan this summer:

1. Lower your cholesterol. Plant foods contain no cholesterol or saturated fats, so you can get your blood lipid levels under control. Considering how prevalent heart disease is in the U.S., you can see why this is such a great idea!

2. Protect your heart. Consuming high-fiber, plant-based foods is excellent for your cardiovascular system. Not only will you reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, but you can prevent atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and other cardiac disorders.

3. Lower your body mass index. In layman’s terms, this means “lose fat”. Plant-based foods are low in fat and calories, and a vegan diet is a very low-fat, low-calorie one. It’s much easier to lose weight on a vegan diet!

4. Boost your immune system. Thanks to all the plant-based foods you’ll eat, your body will have a lot more of the vitamins and minerals needed to protect you from germs and infections. A well-balanced vegan diet can seriously boost your immunity!

5. Balance your diet. If you’re anything like the average American, you’re probably eating too much fat and carbs and too little protein, fiber, and plant-based foods. A vegan diet can solve that problem! A well-balanced vegan diet contains plenty of healthy fats, complex carbs, and plant-based proteins to ensure that you are delivering all the nutrients your body needs to function properly.

6. Improve digestion. Too much animal fats, sugar, cholesterol, and fats can do a number on your digestive system. The fruit- and veggie-rich vegan diet can clear out your intestines and restore your digestive function to normal.

7. Look better. Veggies and fruits will improve the health of your skin, eyes, hair, and nails. Thanks to all the nutrients you get from plant-based foods, you’ll look so much better!

8. Reduce toxin consumption. On a vegan diet, you eliminate all chemicals, additives, and artificial preservatives, as well as any hormones in meat and animal products. This means fewer toxins to slow down your body and increase aging.

9. Increase antioxidant activity. The more antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies you eat, the healthier you’ll be!

10. Reduce your risk of cancer. According to the WHO, low quality animal products are linked to a number of different types of cancer. Avoiding all animal products will help to reduce your risk of prostate, intestinal, bladder, and breast cancer.

Pretty solid reasons to consider going vegan this summer, right? If you care about your body and your health, you’ll give it a shot and see what happens when you give your body the all-natural food it craves.

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Parents play a very important role in their lives of their children! During the early years, they nurture, nourish, and protect the child. As they grow older, they provide counsel, guidance, and advice to help the child grow into a teenager and adult.

But it’s not just we humans who depend on our parents. There are a number of animals with very strong parental bonds:

1. Orangutans — Mother orangs carry their babies on their belly for the first few months of their lives, and will share the same nest. Even once they leave the nest, female orangs visit their mothers for up to 15 years after birth.
2. Elephants — After a 22-month gestation period, elephant calves are entirely dependent on their mother due to the fact that they are born blind. The herd will care for the calf, caressing it with their trunks. Sometimes, they are raised by the entire herd.
3. Wolf spiders — Mother wolf spiders will carry up to 100 babies on their backs, protecting them from predators.
4. Orcas — Orca mothers help their young to swim to the water’s surface, teaching them to breathe the air. Orca babies swim in their mother’s slipstream to conserve energy, and female orcas live with their mothers for their entire lives.
5. Mouthbrooding fish — A number of fish species carry their eggs in their mouths to protect them. Even after the fish hatch, many still shelter in their mother’s mouth.
6. Penguins — Penguin fathers keep the eggs warm and safe while the mothers travel to the ocean to feed, digest, and eventually regurgitate fish to feed the baby. The father won’t eat for up to 100 days in order to protect the egg and hatchling, only eating once the mother returns.
7. Cows — Cows bond with their calves, licking and nuzzling the little one to clean it off. They also make a sound that encourages the calf to get up and nurse.
8. Strawberry poison-dart frog — To prevent her young from eating each other, the mother strawberry poison-dart frog will carry her young on her back one at a time to a small pool of water–often in a flower. For the next 50 days, she will bring food to her tadpoles. All the while, the father frog is on guard duty to protect the tadpoles until they grow into frogs.

Parents truly are important! Nature has created these animals to depend entirely on their parents for safety and nourishment, and we humans are no different.

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Who wouldn’t want to live longer? A longer lifespan means more time to do the things you enjoy, visit more amazing places, experience a wider variety of things, and spend more time with the people you love.

Well, did you know that a vegan diet could give you that longer life? According to a study published by the PNAS, going vegan can benefit not just you, but the planet overall!
The study analyzed the effects on a vegan diet, not only on overall health, but also on the climate and the health of the planet. The results of the research provided shocking insight into what could happen if a plant-based diet was widely adopted.
By 2050:
• 8.1 million fewer people would die per year. A staggering number of deaths are caused by heart disease and obesity-related health conditions. With a plant-based diet, the number of obese people would drop drastically, leading to a reduction in obesity-related deaths. Take note, the study said “8.1 million PREMATURE deaths”. And that’s every year!
• $1 billion less would be spent on global healthcare. Once again, this is largely due to the change in diet. With more people eating a healthy plant-based diet, overall human health could radically improve. Less would be spent on medications and doctor visits to treat diseases and disorders that could easily be reduced and managed with a healthy diet.
• Greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by as much as 70%. Did you know that an overwhelming majority of greenhouse gases produced in the world come from the food system? Throughout the feeding, care, and processing of animals, a disgusting amount of greenhouse gases are produced–more than all of the cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships in the world. By eliminating the animal agriculture aspect of our food system, greenhouse gas emissions would drastically be reduced.

As you can see, a world gone vegan could be a much better place! Not only would fewer people die every year, but people would be much healthier and would live on a safer planet. What’s not to love about a healthy, veggie-loaded diet?

Sadly, the chance of this happening is slim. In many countries, the consumption of animal products is central to the cuisine–the French and their cheese, the Argentines and their steak, the Japanese and their fish, and so on. It will be nigh impossible to convince the world to adopt a widespread plant-based diet.
Still, it’s good to have proof of what we know to be true. Plant-based diets improve the quality of life, increase health, and protect the planet. We can do our parts, even if the rest of the world will not!

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Veganism is all about abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in the food you eat and your daily products. However, in its goal of rejecting the status of animals as “commodity”, it strives to make this world a more open, accepting place. Is it so hard to believe the vegan community is the same?

There are many reasons to love the vegan community, and here are just a few:

Instant kinship – When you meet another vegan, you immediately form a bond over your shared idealism and principles. You will find that many people in the vegan community have a lot in common with you, and that like-mindedness makes it easy to form friendships and bonds that go beyond blood ties or geographic location. No matter where in the world you go, you will find instant kinship with fellow vegans trying to make the world a better place.

Support – Going vegan isn’t always easy, but there is a whole community of people who are willing to help you make the changes to have a healthy lifestyle. Vegans are very welcoming and accepting to anyone who is trying to change, and it’s a compassionate community filled with new friends who can help you through any challenges or struggles.

Happiness – You’ll find that most vegans aren’t just happy, but they’re actively content! They know that they’re making the right choice for the planet, and they’re doing what’s best for their bodies. Even if they are the “odd ones out” in society, they are content with their status because they’re doing the right thing. It’s a deep-seated feeling of happiness that is contagious, and it will spread from vegan friend to vegan friend.

Health-conscious peer pressure – It’s amazing how much your life will change when you have vegan friends around! You’ll start to think more about your health, and you’ll begin to take steps to correct issues with your diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle that negatively affect your health. Your vegan friends will provide that positive peer pressure that will make you a healthier person. You’ll live a longer, happier life thanks to all of the people around you that encourage and help you to be a healthier person.

There is so much to love about being a vegan beyond just the physical benefits and improved health! You’ll find that going vegan is one of the best things you can do for a better life, and it’s largely due to the friends you will make in the vegan community and the many ways they will improve your life.

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Looking for something amazing to do in Southern California this year? Every year, vegans and vegetarians gather from around the state (and the country) to celebrate all things “green”. At these festivals and events, you’ll find the best of vegan food, clothing, artistry, activism, books, and more.

Here are the top 5 best vegan festivals in SoCal:

1. World Veg Festival

Located in San Francisco, this award-winning event is to be held on October 11th and 12th. The festival will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016. The celebrations are headlined by notable celebrities, politicians, and activists in the vegan world. There are lectures, demonstrations on how to cook gourmet vegan dishes, samples of vegan cuisine from around the world, vendors selling vegan-friendly products, a “vegan fashion show”, live entertainment, and even a “vegan kids’ corner”.

2. L.A. Vegan Beer and Food Festival

Held in Los Angeles, this SoCal fiesta is an amazing place to try all of the best vegan craft beers for which Southern California is famous. With vegan brews from more than 40 different California breweries, there’s plenty of delicious ales, lagers, and stouts for everyone. Plus, there are meatless food trucks, restaurants, and even vegan desserts. With the live entertainment, the event (held in May 2016) is definitely one to visit

3. VegFest Los Angeles

Yet another awesome vegan event held in L.A.! This one will be at Woodley Park, located in the San Fernando Valley. Here, vegans will be able to stroll the international food court, shop at the vegan marketplace, and let their kids play in the wide open green spaces. The festival places emphasis on caring for the environment, animal protection, and healthy living. It’s fun for the whole family.

4. SoCal VegFest

On November 1st, officially World Vegan Day, Orange Country will play host to one of the largest vegan events in Southern California. The festival is free for all to enter, and it’s an event where people of all ages can encounter the latest and greatest in vegan crafts, arts, food, clothing, literature, and culture. There will be musical entertainment, speaking guests, raffles, demonstrations on vegan cooking, and so much more.

5. San Diego VegFest

If there is one thing you can count on in San Diego, it’s quality food and beer! At San Diego VegFest, you can taste the best vegan dishes and brews in the city. Held on September 4th, the festival will showcase everything you love about the vegan lifestyle: food, drink, art, literature, and more. With live entertainment and guest speakers, it’s a great way to spend your weekend basking in the vegan culture.

If you’re looking for events where you can “let your vegan flag fly”, these SoCal events are definitely the place for you!