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Seasonings and Spices for Every Great Vegan Kitchen

If you are just starting out as a vegan, one thing you are going to be concerned with, besides nutrition, is flavor. You can add a lot of flavor to a dish with just a bit of the right spices and seasonings. Most vegans love having an overflowing spice rack, so there are endless flavors in their kitchen from which to choose. However, if you are stocking up for the first time as a new vegan, you will want to start with the basics.

These essential seasonings and spices for every great vegan kitchen will get you the basic flavors you desire for the beginning dishes you will be cooking. These are spices you will find in our Los Angeles vegan restaurant, and in most vegan food Los Angeles has to offer.

To start, you will want to buy:


It lends a general Italian flavor to any dish, without being too strong, like oregano or thyme can be. You can also use it to make a wonderfully tasty vegan pesto.

Black salt

Also known as kala namak, this is actually pink salt, but it is not Himalayan pink salt, so don’t confuse the two. This salt is used specifically to give dishes an egg-like taste, which it does with its high sulfur content.


A spice everyone loves, you will use this in holiday dishes, smoothies, and baking of all kinds. You don’t want to be without it, because it goes in just about anything sweet, and even a few spicy dishes.


An essential vegan spice, this one is used in Indian, Mexican, and Thai dishes quite a lot, and has an edgy kind of taste. You will use it more than you think, so better stock up on it.

Curry powder

Vegans tend to love Indian food, and Indian food and curry powder go hand in hand. You might also use it in Thai or other southeast Asian dishes.


A perfect topping for hummus, paprika lends a smoky flavor to your food, along with a little bit of color.

Back-to-School Hack: How to Eat Vegan at a College Dining Hall

If you’re a vegan and on your way to college for the first time, you may be concerned with how you are going to maintain your diet and stay healthy with what the college dining hall has to offer. The good news is that it is easier to navigate the college dining hall as a vegan than you think. In fact, use these tips, and you can maintain your healthy plant-based diet on campus with ease.

Check Out the Hall Before You Eat There

College campuses are becoming more vegan-friendly, and yours may already offer things like non-dairy milks and tofu. Doing a thorough walk-through of the dining hall one time before eating there will let you know what is already available.

Mix Things Up

If you eat oatmeal, find some fruit or nuts to put on top of it. If toast is your thing, add a nut butter and banana slices to give yourself a filling, nutrient-packed meal. When putting rice or pasta on your plate, top it with a variety of vegetables. You will be able to have new, interesting meals every time you go to the hall by eating this way.

Get Your Protein

Your college might offer tofu or tempeh. If it doesn’t, don’t shy away from loading up on beans, nuts, seeds, and even protein-rich grains like quinoa. Avocado has a lot of protein, too, and even some green, leafy vegetables like Romaine lettuce and spinach have their share of this energy-producing nutrient.

Love the Salad Bar

Almost every college dining hall has one. Make it your best friend at meal times. You will find the best variety of fresh produce there.

Get Yourself a Backup Plan

If, for some reason, you can’t find anything vegan to eat at any given meal, or, at least, nothing you want at that time, stock up on snacks you can keep in your dorm room so you don’t go hungry. It’s also good to have some vegan food in your room for late night snacking. You can also get vegan take out food Los Angeles CA style delivered to your dorm for a proper meal, as there are plenty of Los Angeles vegan restaurant choices in the area.