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Vegan Recipes to Try This Summer

Summer may just be the best season to eat a plant-based diet and live a vegan lifestyle since seasonal eating options are outstanding. Fruits and vegetables that are prime for picking and eating, according to Business Insider, include watercress, watermelon, radishes, arugula, swiss chard, zucchini, raspberries and peaches. The only question left is: “What can I make with these ingredients and so many others available to me?”

Take a look at three prime ideas below:

1. Spring Rolls in Summertime

The Elephantastic Vegan recommends a scrumptious recipe for summer rolls with peanut wasabi sauce that are vegan and gluten-free. This refreshing item features rice noodles, rice paper wrappers, carrot, avocado, cucumbers, bell pepper, salad leaves, Thai basil, and black and white sesame seeds for the wrap. The wasabi peanut sauce is comprised of peanut butter, wasabi paste, soy sauce and chopped peanuts. Keep in mind that you can pick up similar vegan food in Los Angeles.

2. Make Room for Mushroom and Black Bean Burgers

Grilling out and generally eating burgers is a great part of summertime. You don’t have to sacrifice a tasty burger while eating vegan. There are so many great recipes for burgers that it was tough to decide on just one. Here’s a favorite from I Love Vegan that features mushrooms, black beans, carrots, celery, red onion and garlic. Put them in your food processor and set to “super fine.” Once you’ve made your patties, put them on the grill or stop and cook to taste. If you are heading out for a night on the town, your favorite vegan restaurant in los angeles offers their own black bean burgers, lentil burgers, soy chicken burgers and soy fish burgers, among many others.

3. Go Bananas to Keep Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied: Mango Banana Ice Cream

A Virtual Vegan has the perfect solution to satisfy your sweet tooth with this tempting vegan ice cream treat recipe, starring bananas and mangos. In addition to bananas and mangos, you will need your favorite non-dairy milk and a few drops of sweetener, such as maple syrup, stevia, agave or vegan honey.

Don’t Miss a Chance to Enjoy the Best Seasonal Vegan Foods in Los Angeles This Summer

Whether you like cooking or not, you don’t have to miss out on all the splendid seasonal foods this summer. Visit The Vegan Joint at one of our three convenient Los Angeles locations so you can try some of the freshest recipes around!

How to Plan a Vegan Wedding

Your big wedding day is drawing near! As you and your partner plan for your big day, you likely want to stay true to your plant-based philosophy and lifestyle. The wonderful news is that it is incredibly easy to do these days, so you can have your dream wedding, knowing that you are holding true to your vegan principles and keeping your treasured guests happy.

Take a look at three key vegan planning concerns that have simple solutions to put your mind at ease:

1. Wedding Wear

A great deal of wedding attire often incorporates silk into dresses, veils and men’s ties. Also, shoes are often made of animal products, such as leather. While animal-based materials are common, there are plenty of animal-free clothing and shoes. Check out these wedding dresses, shared by Peaceful Dumpling, to see the stunning cruelty-free options.

2. The Wedding Menu

The usual options of “chicken or fish” are not options for you and your beloved. The chances are good that your friends and family already know your commitment to maintaining a mindful vegan lifestyle, but just in case, let everyone know that they are in for a bounty of vegan delights. Look into catering services at a Los Angeles vegan restaurant, like our own. Our standard offering of two appetizers, a salad, curry and a noodle entree. On top of that, you are welcome to add entrees like burgers, lavash wraps, tortillas, soy fish, lentil loaf, soy beef and much more, for an additional fee. Your friends and family won’t miss chicken and fish with the right vegan catering service.

3. The Wedding Cake

As you likely already know, sweets don’t need eggs and dairy to taste delicious. Search your area for the top vegan bakeries that use ingredients like non-dairy milk, tapioca or arrowroot flour and unrefined coconut oil as high-quality alternatives to traditional ingredients. Brides recommends some of the best vegan bakeries in Los Angeles to give you a boost.

Prepare for Your Dream Day and Happy Guests with Solid Vegan Wedding Planning

Hosting your wedding as a vegan isn’t all that different from hosting a dinner party. Well, it is a little different since it’s much bigger, but it’s the same idea. With thoughtfulness for animals and your loving friends and family, you’ll make it work.

If you need help with catering or other vegan ideas, our team at The Vegan Joint is here and thrilled to help make vegan weddings wonderful.