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We are located in the Palms area of West LA/ Culver City between Overland & Motor on National Blvd. The 2nd location in Woodland Hills on De Soto and Ventura Blvd. The 3rd location is in Hollywood at the corner of Fountain and Vermont Avenue. This quaint undiscovered corner vegan joint is filled with flavor of all types, especially Thai vegan food. Serving breakfast burritos, pancakes, and hash browns all day. Followed by cowboy burgers, lentil burgers, sandwich wraps, and soups for lunch. Finishing the night, dining with vegan dinners w/ rice, noodles, and curries, served w/ Thai flavoring spices & care. Occasionally, serving some off-the-menu items that are sensational, like spicy tom yum soup.

You are what you eat, eat well.